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Web design for beginners



You should be able to create a good website, even though you have no previous experience with web design. Read this article for more information on web design.

Take the time to learn more about web design. If you want to create your site from scratch, you will have to learn HTML and CSS or other languages. You can teach yourself these languages thanks to resources available online and practicing a lot. Join a message board where you can talk with other webmasters and ask questions. If you apply yourself, you should be able to have a quality website ready in less than a year. Meanwhile, you should rely on another option to create a simple website and get your online business started.

If you do not have the time to learn HTML, you should think about creating a blog. Try different blogging platforms and select one you are comfortable with. Register a domain name with a separate service and change the DNS settings of this domain name so that it is associated with your blog. Look through the different templates available. You can easily personalize any template so that your blog looks original. Change the color pattern and add more elements to your pages such as logos, links to your social media profiles, banners and subscription forms to your newsletter for instance. Place your most important elements in visible places. Compare the different templates available when selecting your blogging platform.

If you can afford to spend around thirty dollars every months, you can subscribe to a web hosting service with a good site building tool. Take the time to read reviews and perhaps test different tools before you decide which service you want to use. This kind of tools allow you to create a site by dragging and dropping different elements to build pages. Using these tools is more time-consuming that creating a blog, but it gives you more control over your design. You can even combine site building and blogging with tools such as the WordPress plugin; look for a web hosting service that supports the plugin you want to use and install it.

Do some research about search engine optimization. You need to create a design that is properly optimized or to select a site building tool with useful SEO features. You can read reviews of different blogging platforms or site building tools to find out more about their SEO features. You should know that search engine spiders do not recognize flash or java script content and that using pictures for your background or your header makes your pages harder to read. Avoid using pictures for your design and create a simple menu with strong keywords so that search engine spiders will follow these links and index more than one page. If necessary, install additional SEO plugins to optimize your site.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your website. Do the best you can with your budget and knowledge and do not hesitate to upgrade to a better website once you can afford to.