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How To Get More Repeat Customers



Use your Internet marketing campaign to stay in touch with people and sell them more products. This article is filled with useful tips you should try if you need more repeat customers.

Select a product that will need refills or upgrades to keep people coming back to your site to order more. Widen your selection of refills and offer more similar products if possible. Keep track of what people order: you should notice that some products are ordered together on a regular basis. Organize your site so that your customers are offered suggestions of products similar to the one they are reading about: a simple link to another product page or a picture should be enough. Keep track of your sales and keep looking for new quality products you could add to your catalog. Have your customers answer to surveys regarding the kind of products they would be interested in, if necessary.

Find ways to stay in touch with your customers. Email lists and social networks are usually very efficient. Place a subscription form for your email list on your site, and join the social networks your customers are likely to use. You could encourage people to subscribe to your updates in the thank you email you send after they order something or on your website or blog by mentioning the special offers you are going to advertise via emails or social media. Customers will stay in touch with you if they feel like they can gain something from it.

Provide your customers with useful information, tips and news on topics they are interested in. Do not limit yourself to writing about your products only: write about issues your target audience can relate to and provide helpful tips regarding the use of your products. Quality content is the best way to get people to check your site often, subscribe to your updates and pay attention to the emails you send and the updates you post on social networks. Encourage people to share this content with their friends so you can use your existing customers as a way of reaching out to more people.

Your existing customers will order more products if you give them a discount. You could, for instance, grant your customers a certain number of points for every product they order and give them a gift card when they earn enough points. You could also send your customers a limited offer for their birthdays or to celebrate a holiday. Always thank people for being customers and let them know you value their opinion and feedback to get them to communicate with you. Do not hesitate to classify your existing customers into different categories depending on how many products they order, so you know who you can really count on to order more products.

Remember to adapt your Internet marketing efforts to your audience and to your products. If your products are expensive and designed to last for years, do not expect customers to order again unless you can offer refills and more related products.