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How to maintain the interest of your customers



How can you keep people interested in your products after they have ordered once? Read this article to learn how you can stay in touch with your customers and keep them interested.

Find a way to stay in contact with your customers after they order a product. You could, for instance, encourage them to sign up to your email updates or to connect with you on social networks by adding a subscription form on the page where they can confirm their order. You can also send a thank you email to let your customers know the order has been shipped and mention your email updates and social media campaign. Let customers know they can have access to limited offers by staying in touch with you.

There are other ways to stay in touch with your existing customers: you could, for instance, use mobile marketing or message boards. Add a subscription form to your site to get your customers’ cell phone numbers and make sure you present this as a way of getting access to exclusive content. Send out mobile updates regularly to inform your customers of new releases and discounts and set up a mobile site if necessary. If your audience is likely to be interested in joining an online community related to your products, create a message board. Encourage people to visit your message board to ask questions or to share feedback on your products. A message board can be a good alternative to social networks if your products are too personal for people to share your content with their friends.

Generate interest about new products and upcoming discounts by announcing things in advance. You could even let people know you have a surprise planned for them and not reveal your offer until people are really anticipating it. Social networks are perfect to generate this kind of attention: post a short update and let people know you will reveal more about an exclusive offer on a certain day. This technique will work best if your customers check social networks on a regular basis. You could also organize contests: advertise these on your site or blog, via emails and social networks: offer an interesting prize to get people to enter. You can then send out updates and more information on the products you are giving out as prizes to anyone who entered your contest.

Keep adding more products to your selection. Announce your new products in advance and let people pre-order them if there is a high level of anticipation. You should send out free samples with all your orders before a new product is launched or give a coupon to your best customers. Stay up to date with your target audience so you get the latest products these people are interested in and even start trends once you have developed your branding.

Use these tips to stay in touch with your target audience and get your customers interested in your newest products and discounts. It is also important that you stay focused on the quality of your products and do your best to offer low prices.