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How To Present Your Products Online



Do not push your products to your audience. You should instead focus on providing quality content. Read this article to find out how and when you should mention your products.

There should be a large section of your site dedicated to product descriptions, reviews, pictures and videos. These pages should be easily accessible from your menu, your homepage and your social networks. Draw people to these pages by letting them they can learn more about your products and order them on these pages, and do your best to get some back-links to these product pages when it is relevant to do so. Your goal is to direct traffic to these product pages, but do not fool people into clicking links or push your products too hard toward your audience.

Write weekly articles for your site or blog on diverse topics. You can add a link to a product page within each article only if it is related to what you are talking about. You could, for instance, mention an issue and present one of your products as a potential solution. You should also add links to other articles and to external content. Your goal is to provide your readers with useful information. Adopt a similar policy on social networks by posting a link to your product pages once in a while, but focus on updates that are helpful and interesting to your audience.

Advertising discounts are probably the best way to draw attention to your products. You can advertise discounts by placing a banner on your homepage, adding a coupon to your newsletter, sending out a text message alert or simply sharing them on social networks. You should have a page or an article about the discount and conditions to qualify along with several links to product pages. Plan your discounts smartly so you can bring attention to products you need to get rid of or want to launch. Announce your discounts ahead of time, and let your customers know they can have access to interesting discounts if they stay in touch with you.

Focus on making your products seem valuable. You need to convince your audience that your products will be helpful to them instead of sending out a repetitive message about simply buying these products. Present your products and your brand as a lifestyle by sharing pictures and videos of yourself and customers using these products. You should also encourage people to give you feedback and to write reviews you can feature on your site or blog. Organize contests and get people to share their pictures and videos of themselves using your products to win a prize: people will look at these submissions if they are fun and original. Try different things and encourage people to identify with your products.

Use these tips to approach product placement smartly. Adapt your method to your audience and the kind of products you are selling: it will for instance be easier to get teenagers and young adults to identify with your brand.