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How To Promote Your Small Business Online



Developing a strong presence on the Internet could be a great way to expand your small business. Go over this article to learn more about Internet marketing for your small business.

Start by creating a site or a blog for your business. A blog is probably your best option if you have no experience with creating websites. Choose a blogging platform you are familiar with and purchase a domain name: you could use the name of your store or a strong keyword related to your products. Write detailed descriptions of your different products and services for your site or blog. It should be well organized so that people can easily find the information they are looking for.

List your business on Google Places, Foursquare and similar websites. Listing your business on these directories means it will come up when people do a local search for a certain type of product or service in your area. Add a detailed description of your business along with a picture of your store and a link to your site or blog. Let people know they can write reviews of your business on Google Places and similar sites: if you can get some positive reviews, people will come to your store after finding it on the Internet.

Use social networks to connect with your local audience and reach out to more people. Join social networks that are widely used by your target audience and share updates on a regular basis. Add links to your social network profiles on your site or blog and encourage people to connect with you on these sites by sharing limited offers and discounts. You should share all kinds of useful content on these sites, from articles on your business to pictures and videos of your products. Organizing contests on social networks is also a very efficient way to generate more sales.

Establish goals for your Internet marketing campaign. Do you want to stay in touch with your local customers, get more people to come to your store, expand your business to new markets and ship your products all over the country? If you decide on the first option, make sure you let your usual customers know about your Internet marketing efforts and encourage them to visit your site or blog and to connect with you social networks to benefit from special offers. If you wish to expand your business to new markets, you need to connect with webmasters and bloggers who have a similar target audience and get backlinks on their sites or blogs.

Do not limit yourself to local Internet marketing: broaden up your horizons by getting in touch with several online communities. You also need to find an efficient way to ship your products and to guarantee the safety of your transactions.

Do more research on online marketing before you get started. If you are not sure what your goals are, get started with a local campaign and consider reaching out to a broader audience later on.