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Online Businesses And Blogging



A lot of online business owners rely on blogging platforms to promote their products. This article is here to help you get started with your own blog.

Start by comparing different blogging platforms. Choose one that is popular and easy to use. If your target audience is likely to have blogs, find out which platform these people use the most. Following suit will make it easy to connect with them. Do not hesitate to create an account on different platforms; compare features before deciding which one you want to use. Think about your blog’s name carefully or purchase a domain name from a different service, so you do not have to use a URL that contains the name of your blogging platform. Start by creating a few pages with detailed information on your products and your business, and write weekly articles on topics related to your products.

Select a template that corresponds to the purpose of your blog: look for something simple and yet professional. Personalize the design of your blog by changing the color pattern or adding more elements to your pages. As your blog grows, you should archive your old content so it is easy to navigate. Use titles with strong keywords, so your visitors can find helpful articles with a simple search or group your articles in different categories. Make sure every article is connected through hyperlinks to similar content.

Encourage people to leave comments on your blog. Answer these comments, especially if someone asks you a question, and write articles that are likely to get discussions started. You could, for instance, ask people to share their own tips and experiences to win a prize. Look for bloggers who write for a similar target audience and exchange links with them. You could also share their content and get your articles featured on their blogs in exchange. Avoid establishing partnerships with bloggers who could become potential competitors. You should only get in touch with bloggers who do not sell anything or who offer very different products.

Do not limit yourself to your blog. Most blog platforms give you access to a wide selection of features you can use to connect your blog to your social network profiles. You can add links and buttons to different social networks, RSS feeds, subscription forms for your mailing list, embed videos from your Youtube channel and share pictures from your Flickr account, among many other things. Do some research on your target audience to find out what your potential customers do on the internet, and look for ways to connect with them on the different sites they visit often. Share your weekly articles on different social networks, message boards and other sites that your audience visits to remind people about your products.

Use these tips to develop an efficient Internet marketing campaign for your blog. You can run a successful online business with a blog, but do not hesitate to upgrade to a website if you feel like your blogging platform is limiting you.