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Personalize Internet Marketing For Your Big Business



In the Internet age, even big businesses need a website to stay relevant. Although your big business may not have the same issues as a small online business, you may need to find ways to make your business seem more personal. Use these tips to make customers feel comfortable doing business with your large company.

Let your customers associate a face with your company by placing the owner or other employees in a video advertisement. This is a personal touch that customers will love. Seeing the owner and employees makes the consumer feel as though they know the people with whom they are doing business.

Having the owner of an Internet company write a blog personalizes the goals and interests of your company. Customers are more likely to root for and do business with a company the feel they understand. The owner of your company will also make consumers feel important when the needs and interests of customers are addressed in such a personal manner.

Get your business on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Allow employees to post updates, information about new products and services and special bargains. Make sure the posts seem as though they are being written by a living human being, not a computer.

Use the pets and children of your company’s owner and employees to market your company. Customers will feel personally involved in the business when they see the cute pets and adorable children of the company’s employees. Consider using a particularly cute pet as the mascot for your business. Consumers want to see the people who are benefiting from their patronage of a specific company.

Putting employees in online and video ads makes your marketing strategy much more personal. If your customers begin to feel familiar with the people who work at a big business, they are more likely to keep doing business with that same company. Do not try to feature every single employee in your advertisements. However, you should try to use the owner, CEO and other high ranking company employees in personal advertisements.

Have your employees write the content for your website. Allow a few employees to write blogs that make the entire company seem small and intimate. Customers will be looking for personal touches.

Have some of your best customers give testimonials in writing or on video. This will make your company more trustworthy. A good testimonial can have the same effect as a personal reference.

When you get really positive customer reviews, use them as an advertisement on your webpage. Customers will love seeing something they wrote on your website. In fact, customers who normally would not have written a review may do so just to see what they wrote on your website. You could even hold a contest for the best customer review and reward the winner with a gift card.

For customers who are looking for a personal touch, big businesses often lose out to smaller businesses. You can make your big business more attractive to consumers who are looking for a small business feel by implementing these useful tips.