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Tips For Successful Mobile Marketing



Mobile marketing is among the latest methods of advertising businesses. Knowing the best way to go about it will help you create a plan that is successful in boosting your business through this method. Use the information that follows to develop a mobile marketing plan to move your business forward.

Large file text messages should be avoided! The larger the message, the longer it will take to both load and for the recipient to read. Many times, if a message is very long, the recipient will disregard it without even reading it.

When sending text messages out to your mobile list, be sure to include a link to the mobile version of your site. This will make it very easy for customers go directly to your mobile site and maybe become interested in the things that you have to offer.

This type of marketing is mainly for your current customer base. The chances of new customers being interested in text messages from you is slim to none. It is considered spammy to send text messages to consumers who have not signed up to receive the text messages. If the consumers report you for sending spam text messages, you could quickly end up getting black listed and lose your ability to send text messages to anyone.

When a customer makes a purchase on your website or becomes a member, request their mobile phone number. Be sure to include a consent to send them text alerts about the latest offers from your company.

Include a link that directs recipients to a blog or video sharing site. You can use the blog and the videos to promote your latest products or special sales you are offering.

Do not send out any messages during odd hours or on holidays. Very few things about mobile marketing will turn customers off faster than getting a text message while they are in bed, at the dinner table or enjoying the time with their family on the holidays.

Send out reminders and announcements of any events your company is having. Your customers will appreciate the reminder that you are offering a special sale or holding an event before the day of the event.

Do not send messages that seem spammy. It is good to let your customers know about the products or services you offer, but it is not good to sound demanding that they buy it. Sending out too many messages about the same event is going to seem spammy to many customers. Limit the number of messages you send out to avoid getting blocked from people’s phones.

Do not make your customers jump through hoops to unsubscribe from your messages. Just because they are unsubscribing from the messages does not mean that they will no longer continue to use your services or purchase your products. If you make it difficult for them to opt out of the messages, they are likely to get completely turned off by your business and take their business elsewhere.

Nearly any business can use mobile marketing as a method to get word out about their services, products or promotions. Use the tips you learned here to develop a plan that successfully promote your business.