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Use Mobile Marketing and Get Great Results Quickly



One of the best reasons to use mobile marketing to promote a business, campaign or event is because of the spontaneous response that can be elicited from current and potential consumers. With the prevalence of technology, available modes of transportation and the increased presence of the Internet with smart phones, mobile marketing is a great avenue to explore. Read this article for some tips on how to use this strategy to benefit yourself!

Catching your consumers’ eyes is the most important step when it comes to mobile marketing. If they are waiting to board a train or get stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, having a moving billboard or one that shifts colors, words and pictures will catch their attention more often than not. Use a presentation that they have never seen before if you would like to pique their interest.

If you are pursuing the use of Smartphone applications, remember to make the program easy to navigate and use. More people are purchasing smartphones every day, and they use it for important functions like GPS, online banking and social networking. Giving it a personal flair, such as customizable appearance or an option to connect to sites like Facebook or Twitter will lure in more customers, as well. Make them feel like their lives will be easier and more convenient with the use of your mobile application.

Giving your customers an incentive to sign up for your mobile application is one of the best things you can do. Sending them something free in the mail, offering them a free tryout of the premium application and asking them to refer friends for increased benefits are all great ways to increase exposure of your mobile application. Make sure to integrate other forms of advertising with your mobile marketing as well, taking advantage of social networking and QR codes. This will offer your consumers more information about your product or service while giving them an easy way to access it.

Give your consumers and the people that download your application the option to receive helpful text messages about your services. Make sure to avoid sending e-mails or texts too often, as this will turn off your consumers.

Sending e-coupons or helpful hints about your product or service will give customers more incentive to keep the mobile application. Allow them to review the product and the application as well, or offer more incentives for sharing the application on a social networking site. This will increase your exposure and loyalty of existing customers. Keep e-mails short and to the point without much text formatting to make sure that customers who read e-mails on their phones can access these messages without any issues.

A mobile marketing plan not only shows a company’s interest to remain progressive, but offers a way to reach customers from any location. Having an application for smartphones allows customers to access your product or service at all times. Remember these tips to use this strategy for your benefit!