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Use Mobile Marketing to Expand Your Customer Base Quickly



With the prevalence of technology and the majority of American adults owning smart phones these days, any business owner should consider mobile marketing as a strategy to increase exposure. Creating a mobile application and using social media networking to reach consumers is an imperative part of any mobile marketing strategy. Read this article for some tips on how to use this type of marketing to benefit your company!

With mobile marketing, there are two different definitions–one is the use of cell phones in order to gain visibility, while the other is using mediums including moving billboards to catch consumer attention. One of the best ways to reach smart phone owners is with the creation of a mobile application that can be easily accessed and navigated. Because cell phones are so personal, try making the application customizable in some way. Offering pertinent information like contact numbers, business hours or web site URLs will also make your application more successful.

Never ignore social media if you would like to create a mobile marketing strategy that reaches the most amount of people. Create a page on Facebook for people to “like” and “share” so friends and family members will have an instant recommendation. A Twitter hash tag will not only gain attention of consumers, but allow business owners to quickly see what people are saying about the business. For those with a physical location, try creating a “check-in” for Foursquare. Using these web sites will increase exposure to new consumers while allowing you to get feedback on what people like about your business.

Keep consumers updated with important information by sending out e-mails and text messages. Make sure the information is important, or they may become annoyed. Also provide an unsubscribe option for this purpose. Do not let the text formatting become too fancy and don’t add in big blocks of text, or people will not want to read the messages. It’s important to make sure the messages are easy to read for people who access their e-mail with smart phones. Adding coupon or discount codes at the end of messages will also give people a reason to stay subscribed!

Another great way to get people to sign up for a mobile application or message service is with incentives like a free trial of a premium service or a nice discount or coupon. This is also a good way to get people to review your product or service on the mobile marketing application site. Having good reviews makes the business look more legitimate to people scrolling through the applications, as well as to the friends and family of current customers. Try putting the business information on a site like Yelp! to make the business accessible from a search engine like Google.

Mobile marketing is a progressive way to create a campaign for a business because it shows innovative thinking as well as a desire to connect with customers. Remember the tips in this article and you can increase your consumer base quickly!