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Using Mobile Marketing Choices with A Big-Picture View



It’s easy to get caught up in any single technology and its surrounding capabilities and techniques. Use the tips below to focus your mobile marketing strategies with a view towards trends in the marketplace.

Choose the form of messaging marketing you intend to use and thoroughly explore the pros and cons of using that type of marketing tool. Expansion of SMS to MMS and VMS has complicated the field of mobile marketing.

Newer phones will have increased technology capability that means that new types of marketing material will be supported on the phones. SMS is the traditional text message type of message a marketer can send out whereas multimedia marketing referred to as MMS can include pictures or very short videos if a phone supports pictures.

VMS, the newest category that stands for video message service, is supported by newer phones. Some of the benefits of VMS over other types of mobile messaging are that it provides for longer video time, up to five minutes and that it does not take up as much memory on user phones as MMS.

Remember that there is not extensive data about the “proven”� effectiveness of mobile marketing. Because of the newness of mobile marketing techniques and the rapid technology developments in the field, it is difficult to obtain reliable analytics about the effectiveness of mobile marketing in obtaining new customers for a business. This means that the business itself will have to consider whether it believes that customer generation through mobile marketing will be or is effective.

Decide whether your type of business can be helped in terms of generating sales through mobile marketing. Some businesses are not necessarily the best-suited for mobile marketing. For instance if you have a niche business with which consumers are not familiar the limited space and/or time, depending on your mobile marketing that you have to explain your business may be insufficient to do little more than leave a user confused.

You are already familiar with opt-out options presented to consumers in much Internet marketing and mobile marketing offers additional opt-out options. Mobile marketing can be filtered out by users by do not call policies from providers themselves or from the Do Not Call registry.

Just because you can use more advanced messaging functions doesn’t mean that your audience will be able to. Whether they are limited by the capability of their mobile device of by their own skill level, the simplest tools work best when you’re marketing. While an advanced marketing campaign that uses the newest and most complicated by be interesting, if it’s hard for your potential customers to get back to you then as a marketing tool the technology has failed.

Make sure you make it clear how customers can use any coupons your business provides via mobile marketing. Hundreds of inquiries on message boards asking how your coupons can be used means there are likely hundreds more who simply gave up and didn’t use your coupons. Make it easy for phone users to receive your coupons in their phones that can be directly used if they make a purchase.

You can include information on your website that encourages individuals to opt-in to your message marketing by indicating that coupons can be used directly from their phones. This facility means they won’t have to carry your coupon around with them and can be a good incentive to provide you with access to their phones.

Browsing is usually different when it’s done by mobile device and your messaging should reflect that difference. People are often searching for something on-the-go and you will want to refine and clarify your communications to accommodate this need. It is critical that you test any options you give consumers to get to another site or access additional information through their phones and make certain that they work.

Consumers must be able to identify who you are. There are many businesses that simply try to attract customers through text messages that work like teasers recommending that consumers text a certain number into their phones. While there may be curious consumers, many consumers mistrust such marketing ploys.

Mobile marketing is an interesting new opportunity for your business to reach people through their mobile devices. Use the tips above to determine how you might incorporate mobile marketing into your marketing efforts.