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Getting Free Traffic to Your Website



There are many websites that proclaim that they will send free traffic to your web page. While it is true that your website may receive a large number of visitors from these sites, the quality of the traffic is low, and you are unlikely to get many sales using this technique. If you need more traffic to your site on the cheap, then the best way to get it is through search engine optimization, which is commonly referred to as SEO.

Updating your site consistently is one of the simplest ways to increase your rankings. Search engines love fresh content, as it is more likely to be relevant to searchers, and hate broken links and pictures. To minimize the effect of changes to others’ pages, try to host your own images as much as possible, and check your site for broken links occasionally. Replace them with updated versions, or remove the link and leave a note for visitors that the site that the link is for is no longer operational. This will keep your site fresh and relevant for new visitors.

Make sure that you include the geographical information with every post you make. Local searches are huge, and the search engine will not know what area you are talking about unless you tell them within your site. Even if your site contains online-only information that does not require a specific location, include your information and your location on every page. People love supporting local businesses, and you will gain quite a bit of credibility for your site just with this simple step.

Keep your use of keywords responsible. You want to keep your keyword saturation at three to seven percent, or use it about once a paragraph. Make sure to use lots of synonyms and similar keywords to keep your audience as wide as possible. This is the level at which you will maximize your ranking potential without getting penalized for using keywords excessively. You can check sites like Google Trends to see what would be the best keywords to use.

If you are looking for an easy topic, stick with money, health, or relationships. These are “hot” topics that affect everybody so you will have a nearly unlimited audience. Competition in these fields is tough, so it will be hard to get on top, but you should be able to make some money with a mediocre website. This will give you plenty of room to learn and grow within the business. While moving to focus on a new topic will take a large amount of effort, you can do this later once you are sure of your skills.

It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past, it is never too late to start a site and earn money from it. Take your time and double check to make sure your changes are actually helping your site. This is a process that requires constant tweaking where even small changes can make a big difference. You can be successful if you put your mind to it.