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Title Tags that Help Search Engine Optimization



Consider how using different tags and styles of tagging your content can help you improve your search engine optimization. You should determine whether you might want to incorporate some common approaches to composing and choosing title tags explained below.

Putting your company name first is a common approach to title tags. This means that your company name will precede additional information that amounts to the main content of the page you’re tagging.

There is advice going both ways about using your company’s name in the beginning of your tag. For larger companies it’s often used because people are searching for the company name and then for a specific item such as a premier jeweler’s name and then engagement rings. Whereas for smaller companies, the category might be more likely to be searched for first such as engagement rings and then the company name. There is the argument that including the company name first can have the long-term benefit of increasing your brand recognition.

If your site gets a good ranking don’t change the title tags. While you may want to experiment with your title tags, if you’ve already got a good ranking the addition of a single word can negatively impact that ranking.

There’s a trend towards making the title tag readable and informative rather than just shoving as many keywords as you can into the title tag. The benefit of this approach is that your title tag better conveys meaning to what you’re offering rather than appearing to be trying to come up on search results for anything remotely related to the title tag.

If you’re using a blogging website or other site where the site’s name comes up before your title there are some tools available on sites that will allow you to switch your title for the website’s name for tagging purposes. This will frequently help in improving your search engine optimization.

Give the information you want to in your title tags within reason. While there are rules of thumb to follow in terms of the length or number of characters in your title tags, when your title tag is indexed all your text will be considered even if it isn’t all displayed in your search results.

When choosing title tags the trend is towards using more specific rather than general keywords. While you’ll still find advice about being general enough to appeal to a wide number of searchers, using more specific terms can help your search engine optimization.

It is very important to do some research about the keywords you use if you are using specific terms in your title tags because the specificity of your terms will narrow the searches under which your content will appear and you’ll want to avoid unnecessary narrowing of the searches that yield your business through a poor choice of keyword.

Title tags can be an important part of producing positive results in your search engine optimization strategy. Use the tips below to incorporate effective title tagging strategies into your sites.