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Using Search Engine Optimization to Your Benefit



One of the best ways to increase traffic to a web site, especially those that use services like Google AdSense to make more revenue, is with search engine optimization. Basically, the point behind using SEO is to up your ranks in search engines so people see them sooner. There are a few simple ways to use SEO to your advantage, and you can increase exposure of your web site quickly. Read this article for more tips on using SEO effectively.

You need to be able to monitor your search ranking if you want to see results with SEO. Your efforts may not pay off if you do not know how well your site is doing in the ranks. Try using the Google toolbar or an application like Alexa so you can see where your web site is listed. Make sure to look at your referrer log so you can see how your visitors arrive at your site, as well as the terms they use when they do a search.

The most important step to remember is using keywords throughout your page in a way that makes sense with the content. Do not make it too obvious that you placed certain words throughout the site to make it pop up on search engines. Title tags and page headers are especially important for using keywords, but they should be placed in the image names and URLs as well. Use words that you think people would use if they were searching for something related to the content on your site. Do not use too many keywords, or Google will just ignore your site and think you are a spammer. Always include keywords in the name clearly and in a way that works well with the name.

One way to kill two birds with one stone in SEO and web design is creating a site index or map that makes it easy to visit each of the pages on the site. The less clicks it takes for the visitor to get to the information they want, the better. The index should include all of the major pages that your web site offers. Blogging sites should include an archive per month or week that makes it easy for visitors to find relevant topics, especially if the titles are included alongside the date of each post.

Another tip that is helpful to increase traffic while using SEO to your advantage is updating your content regularly. The information should be up to date and relevant for the best results. Try integrating a blog if you have trouble updating the content regularly. Executive blogs allow more internal and external linking and makes the content more relatable for visitors.

SEO is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your web site while remaining relevant. Using good keywords and integrating a blog can be very helpful when trying to make your site more searchable. Remember these tips so you can use SEO to your best advantage!