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Just Getting Started With Social Media Marketing? Try These Tips



It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, social media can help you deliver on your marketing goals. But, just like other marketing strategies, social media marketing takes time and know-how for the best returns. If you are new to social media, it can seem overwhelming! But don’t fear. You can persevere. Start here with these beginner tips to get you moving down the right path.

Start out by learning the language of social media. There are many terms out there that are exclusive to social media, and some of them are used with only specific networks. You’ve got fans, followers, hashtags, @ symbols, DM’s, retweets, pins and more! It’s a lot to take in, and for the uninitiated it can be the thing that keeps you from jumping in feet first. Take the time to learn the lingo. The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel. And when you are comfortable, you will be more apt to use these tools to their fullest.

Respond to those who communicate with you. It’s a very simple formula–if you aren’t social in social media, your marketing efforts will fall completely flat. People expect two-way communication, and if you or your company simply push out one-way advertising and posts, you won’t have much of a following at all. Build up a community by creating conversations. Be proactive in drumming up discussions. Never overlook an opportunity to have a positive dialogue, even if it starts with an angry post from a disgruntled buyer.

Schedule out posting times during your day. Frequency and consistency are two very important aspects of social media marketing. You need to post a lot. Social media happens at a speed much higher than daily life, so your postings and comments have a shelf life of only a few minutes each time. You need to post frequently and with a level of consistency. You can’t simply post twenty times on day one, then sit back for three weeks with a random post here or there. Your marketing efforts won’t work. Instead, build a calendar and set reminders every day to post something of value to your fans.

Don’t be afraid to follow other people, join groups and comment on their pages. It comes down again to being social. Your marketing effectiveness will grow at the same rate as your ability to build community. To build community, you need to venture out to meet new potential followers. Look for social media users that seem to have similar interests to your brand. Discover what groups they belong to and get involved. You may discover a whole new network of followers, all of which are also potential customers.

Here you’ve discovered only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media marketing, but it’s enough of a start to get you going! Keep these tips in mind and jump right in. And keep learning; there is always something new to take in when it comes to social media marketing. The more you know, the stronger of a marketer you will be.