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Think About Website Migration in Your Web Design



You’ve got a great web design and you’re using a web hosting service that meets all your needs but it won’t always necessarily be so. Use the web design considerations below to help ease the website migration process when you need to change web hosting services.

Sometimes, the convenience of the one-stop-shopping experience offered by web design templates that also include company offers for web hosting contribute to problems you might have if you decide to migrate to a different web hosting service in terms of how well your site will work with the new web hosting service.

Examine the content management system that you’ll be using in your web design. Common content management systems such as Drupal or Joomla make site migration easier because you will likely have the same content managers on your new web hosting service.

You’ll want to backup your site. Even if your current web hosting service backs up your site, you should separately perform this function. You will also not discontinue one web hosting account until the new one is up and running to prevent downtime on your site.

There are sometimes issues about who owns specific aspects of your website so that before you use a web design tool on a web hosting site, you should inquire about the ownership of the site and of course, the domain name so that if you decide to migrate to another web host in the future you are not held back by the complications from your decision to use your first web hosting service. Some web hosting services will sell you your domain name for a small fee.

Ownership issues also sometimes arise when you use a website designed by a professional web design company. Make certain beforehand that you own everything about your website once you’ve paid your web designer.

If you used a professional web designer to create your website, consider budgeting for hiring the same professional to help you with accomplishing the transfer of your website’s content. This means that when you research web design companies you’ll want to know whether they also handle site migration.

This will give you the benefit of having a trusted relationship with a company that you can utilize in the event you want to use a new web host.

Many web hosting services advertise their own services that you can pay for in helping you accomplish site migration that includes disclaimers about errors and problems that arise related to the migration.

Avoid web design that includes numerous pages because this will increase the amount of copying of files you’ll have to perform in order to effect website migration to a new web hosting service.

Know when to get help if you are having trouble. Your website’s purpose is to obtain and retain business, do not jeopardize this function by trying to save money and taking on something that you really cannot do on your own.

You should not be held hostage by an unsatisfactory web hosting company because you’re afraid your web design efforts will be lost if you change web hosting services. Use the tips above to minimize problems with site migration.