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Tips For Building A User Friendly Website



Regardless of what business you are in, it is important for your website to attract customers and keep them coming. In order to do this effectively, your site needs to be easy to navigate, user friendly and free of things that may aggravate users. Here are several thing you should think about when you are building your website.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want the purpose of your website to be. While you may currently think of it as a way to sell your product or service, you should also think of it as a way for you to connect with your customer base. Many people build great looking sites and have great products, but they fail because they do not realize that the customers should be first priority.

Always keep your content consistent throughout your entire website. You do not want to have a different font on every page, graphics that clash or tones that change from page to page. Everything on your site should mesh so that it does not appear to be disjointed. If your site is one that seems inconsistent, people may look at you as if you or your product cannot be trusted to be consistent as well.

While having cool plug-ins helps the look of a site in a lot of cases, it can be a huge hassle for some visitors. You should never put anything on your website that will force users to install anything. Some users may not have a problem with this, but many of them will be likely to leave your site instead of installing any plug-ins.

One thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that users want to visit sites that will not take a lot of time loading. The world is moving quickly, and everyone has learned to be quite impatient. If someone is visiting your site and each page they visit takes a minute or two to load, that is like an eternity. Be sure to create pages for your site that take no more than 15-20 seconds to load. If they take a lot longer than that, the likelihood is that many visitors will not come back to your site.

Coding is necessary for building a site, but there is a right and wrong way to implement coding. You do not want to build a site with code that might be considered too cutting-edge. While this type of coding may greatly improve the look of your site, it will make it difficult for many users to access. Those that have older computers will have problems trying to visit your site, which means that they will go elsewhere with their business.

Keep all of the information here in mind when you are trying to design and build your website. If you do, you are more likely to have a site that users love. This means that you will attract more customers and increase the success of your business.