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Tips for the Web Page Design Beginner



Just because you do not have a degree in computer science or design does not mean that you can not create a web page all on your own. Web page design is actually quite easy with a little bit of the right knowledge. Continue reading this article so that you know what you need to in order to make a great web page with little experience.

The first thing you want to learn about is what others do to make their web page user friendly. Investigate the types of links that can be found on every page of a web site. For instance, most web pages have links along the bottom of the page that can get the user directly to important parts of the web page, like the contacts page or the FAQ page. Another aspect of web pages that you should look into is the web page’s site map. You want to have a site map that enables the user to understand where they can find any type of information that they might need. Having a great site map will increase the likelihood that your users will be happy with the experience they have had looking around on your site. Use the most popular websites that you can think of as your examples and repeat what they have done to succeed. It is important that you do not try to re-invent the wheel, especially since you are new to web page design.

Before you begin your web page you should map it out on paper first. This way you will know exactly how you will need to proceed when you do get started. It will also help you to figure out how to organize the page in a user friendly and efficient manner. This is the time when you will also decide exactly what kind of information you want to have included on your web page. Another decision you need to make includes whether or not links will open new tabs or continue on the the existing page. Depending on the function of the link, you may want the user to be able to leave open the current page so that they can cross reference both pages. Finally, you will need to decide on what colors, images and formats you want to use. Colors can mean a lot to the user and can help your page to stand out from the others. Images can do the same thing for your page, and a visually appealing format is just as important. If you plan your page out ahead of time you will find that you will be able to flow through the proc ess of actually completing the page.

Now that you have read this article you know that you do not have to be a web page design professional to create your own web page. The most important thing is that you need to do some research to learn what you need to focus on when creating your page. Now all you need to do is put the information above to use and get started.