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How To Find A Web Host



Having a good, quality website is becoming more and more important for a business’s success. One of the major factors in your website being successful is the web host. If you search for web host providers online, you will be overwhelmed with the results. A lot of companies out there provide web hosting, but only a handful of them can offer you the web hosting that you need to run a quality website. So, how do you choose? The following article contains some helpful tips you can use while searching for your website’s host.

First, you will want a provider that offers 24/7 chat support. Any company that you consider should be able to help you anytime day or night. You never know when something can happen to your site, and having a web host that can take care of problems at anytime is crucial. For instance, if you notice that your site is down at 7:00 on a Friday evening, are you going to want to wait until the following Monday for your site to be put back up? Of course not.

Next, you should also test out the customer support. Ask them any questions you may have, or even questions that you already know the answers to and see how they respond. You will want to choose a company that responds in a timely fashion. You will also want one that offers knowledgeable and friendly answers. If you aren’t comfortable with the information being shared by customer service, you should stay away from that company. Customer support is very important when you are setting up your site and throughout the duration or your website being up and running. Be sure you are happy with the service you get before making your final decision.

Do not use the web host to register your domain name. There are a couple reasons for this. First, you can usually find a better price than what the web hosts offer. Second, if you use the web host, are not happy with their service and choose to leave, they will own your domain name. It is better to play it safe and register it elsewhere.

Another thing you need to do is monitor or find out what the different hosts’ up-time is. This is important to know because this will determine how often your own site will be down. Anytime your site is down you are losing potential customers and this is not good for business. To find out this information you can ask the web host, you can use a third party tracking software or you can visit various forums that share this information.

Find out what the web host company does when their servers are down. Do they have a back up plan? Do they have back up servers? Knowing what is going to happen to your site should their servers crash is good to know.

Having a website is a great thing, but choosing a good web host can make it an even better thing. Use the helpful tips shared in this article to save yourself the headaches from choosing a web host that does not work for you.