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Positioning your website to attract traffic



How to position your website to generate free traffic from the search engines

Without a good marketing strategy, you will be waging a losing battle for your web marketing effort. Adopting current marketing strategies will only allow you to share the same market with others. But however, reshaping your own marketing strategies, you will be able to be the leader and dominate the market. Always build your website through the view point of your prospective customers. Build promotion into your site and not adding it as an afterthought. In order to be able to segment your website to accommodate your potential customers, explore similar sites to learn the buzzwords and graphics that are being used for your target market.

Stay focus and position

Your website should be able to be described in a sentence or less. Meaning to focus your site in a single minded way. You should always become an expert in your field and sticking to this area of your expertise. Do not offer too many diversified products but rather focus only on a few related product lines. If you have a very wide range of products to offer, save them for new websites and connect them via links. Focusing means doing only one thing and doing it well.

How to stay focus and position?

Some of the areas that you’ll need to focus –

  • Who is my website targeting and why am I building this site?
  • How will my visitors benefit from my site and what actions do I want them to take?
  • What makes the visitors want to come to my site and what do I want this person to benefit out of my site?
  • When is the best time to reach my targeted market?
  • How will my products affect my customer’s life and how is it going to achieve this person’s goal?

The above should be used as your website promotional tool in generating traffic to your site. If you are able to achieve all these, you are already well on your way to a focused and successful website.

Your Website Visitors

Rarely does sales occur on the first visit and the visitors will usually want to take a look and get convinced before coming back to purchase. No matter how your visitors come to your site, you will still have to work out a plan to keep them loyal and to become an active participant in your website. Many startup websites made the mistakes by solely thinking that their website is a place to sell their products only. But failed to recognize that in order to sell a product, the prospects have to –

  • Be able to find you.
  • Have relevant contents for them to find out more.
  • Be able to trust you.
  • Able to find your competitors to compare products and prices.
  • Eventually figuring out how to order.

Many times, a visitors to your website will  be thinking if your website is for real and can they trust you with their credit card information. Statistic shows that it usually takes a visitor four visits to finally get the courage and confidence to buy a product from you.

And as we are all aware, getting new visitors to your website is more difficult than attracting those who have already been there and repeat visitors are crucial to maintain a profitable website. The most successful websites create trust first and then sell in subsequent visits. Reach for people who don’t know they need your product until you tell them about their need.