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Registering your domain name



How to register your domain name with a registrar

The title and domain name are the most important elements of your website. It is a brand name for your online business. They are not only important to your visitors but also the most important source of information for any search engine. Your title should be well written and give advance notice of your website benefits. Do not let your visitors guess what your site is all about and how it could actually help them. Make it easy to type, remember and easy to spell. If your URL is not descriptive enough, you can always register another domain name and do a redirection to your main site.

Finding just the right domain name can be a real challenge nowadays as a great many .com names have been taken. In fact, thousands of new domain names are being registered everyday. Names are so scarce that people are now willing to pay huge sums of cash to acquire them.

It is recommended to use a .com rather than any other suffixes as everyone remembers .com before anything else. Moreover, most web browsers, if the extension is omitted, will default to .com. Think of all the keywords and key phrases for your product or service and incorporate them in your URL. Loading the domain name with your best keywords could get you ranked higher in the search engines.