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Selling from your website



How to sell from your website and what to expect

Rarely does a sale occur on a first visit. Visitors normally would want to get comfortable with your site first. No matter how your visitors found your website, you will still have to work at finding ways to keep them loyal and actively participating in your website. Many people think of their website as a place to sell their products and services. Though it may be admirable to do so, but in reality, in order to be able to sell, your prospects will have to –

  • Able to find you.
  • Read through and understand your materials.
  • Trust you.
  • Check out your competitors and compare the products and prices.
  • Have a reason why they would want to buy from you and not someone else.
  • Figure out how to place the order.

Most of the time, your visitors will be in doubt and thinking, “Is this company for real or out to scam?” Can I really trust them with my credit card details? Who are these people (meaning you) anyway? Do they really know what they’re selling?

In general, it will usually takes a prospect a few visits before having the courage and nerve to buy something from you. Getting people who have not being to your site to buy from you is harder than to get repeat visitors to do so and repeat visitors are essential to maintain a profitable website. The key to get your prospect to buy is to ensure that they keep coming back to your site until they are ready to purchase. When they do purchase eventually, they’ll be loyal and happy. Being that, words will spread.

A well visited website should also cater to visitors who are not quite ready to make any purchases yet. They might just be surfing looking for information on a general type of product. They may want to purchase eventually, but just aren’t sure whom they’d like to buy from. The most successful site create trust first and sell later in subsequent visits. Reach out to people who do not know that they need your product until you tell them about their need.